Christa Ojeda a certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach has developed a series of guided Savasana meditations to help you on your journey towards getting what you need.  She has combined principles from life coaching, hypnotherapy, min zin and other modalities to bring you closer to optimal health, happiness and balance.

During the guided meditation you will lie down on the floor in savasana - on your back with legs slightly apart and arms gently at your sides. Christa will then guide you through a meditation which will help you connect to your breath and relax your mind and body in order to access your personal sense of self and power.  The meditation will focus on a particular subject (such as releasing old patterns) and will last approximately 1 hour.

Most people find this to be a very peaceful and formative experience.  Guided meditation can be a wonderful tool to help get past the energetic and mental "static"  that keeps you from walking your path in clarity and awareness. 

Anyone is welcome to participate.  Even if you've never meditated before you will find that gathering as a group with a common goal can make the process much easier than trying to do it alone in your home. It's about taking the time to focus on you and what you want for your life.  These tools are all within you - sometimes we just need help reminding us  how to access them.

Releasing Old Patterns - This guided mediation is designed to help you release old patterns in your life that are no longer serving your greater good.  These may be about releasing a belief system (e.g. "life is hard", "I will always be overweight"), a habit, a common reaction...  This meditation is one way to begin or support the process.

Opening your Heart to Love - Whether you are single or in a committed relationship or somewhere in between we can all benefit from keeping our hearts open to giving and receiving love.  Loving someone starts with your ability to love yourself. The more love and acceptance you have for yourself and those around you the more you will attract the same - Christa is a firm believer that like energy seeks out like energy (she's lived it!).  In this meditation we will cut the chords that exist from past or present relationships that are draining our hearts and breaking our spirit.  These can be romantic relationships, familial connections, unhealthy friendships, difficult co-workers, or even past images of who we "were" - anything we've let influence how we think or feel about ourselves that no longer serves us. We will cultivate a heart filled with self-love, appreciation and compassion towards ourselves and others and project the desire to connect to the same.

Disconnecting from Ego - Inspired by Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth (along with other wonderful spiritual teachings) this meditation will focus on detaching from our associations to that which is outside of ourselves and connecting to the pure essence of you.  Ego is constantly getting in the way of our relationships, it keeps us stuck in the "my", in the stories we tell ourselves, in the past. It makes us feel both superior and inferior as if just being ourselves is not enough. But truth lies within and the more we attach to other's stories, to the things around us, even to our own roles and definitions of ourselves, the more we lose the perfection that lies inside each and every one of us. In this meditation we will attempt to open our consciousness so that we may disengage from our egos and move forward in life with greater awareness.

Connecting to your Creative Energy - Connecting to your creative energy is not just about traditional artistic endeavors, it's about bringing things into being.  Creating possibilities, awareness, joy, about using your creative energy in everything that you do.  And yes, also about being able to access your artistic and imaginative abilities.

Living a Life of Abundance - We are taught to be happy with what we have.  It is wonderful to live your life with gratitude and it is also wonderful to live it in abundance: Abundant health, happiness, wealth, name it.  This guided mediation is geared towards opening your awareness to what is already plentiful in your life and attracting more in other areas that you feel are "lacking". We will end the meditation by sending out the intention for all to live an abundant life.

Guided Savasana Meditation in your Home

If you'd like to arrange a guided mediation in your home for a party, shower or just a gathering of friends please contact me and I will be happy to discuss this with you.  We can customize the meditation for you and your group.

Feel free to contact Christa if you have additional questions.  Check out the Workshops & Events page for the next scheduled meditation.

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